The Permian Lodging Team has decades of experience in the oilfield service, lodging and real estate industries. Our number one priority is to provide industry leading lodging, which in turn adds value to our clients by optimizing their workforce through employee satisfaction and retention.

Our Purpose


Teamwork, Hospitality, Relentlessness, Integrity, Vision, Extra-mile

To work as a team exemplifying hospitality with a never-ending, uncompromising, pursuit to be more than just workforce lodging.

At Permian Lodging, our goal is to provide an experience that makes your employees feel at home – comfortable, efficient, and engaging living environments where guests can rest, recharge, and feel connected. Our custom designed lodges support the wellbeing of our guests and contribute to our clients’ success.

We understand that employees who have a sense of wellbeing are more motivated and productive. Wellness is at the core of our approach to the guest experience. We foster healthy living and the amenities to keep guests happy, healthy, and productive.

Permian Lodging understands the needs of our customers and is committed to delivering unmatched service and support. We know the satisfaction of our customers begins with the safety, comfort, and experience of your workforce. Our approach and top priority is centered on the experience of your workers, resulting in increased productivity and satisfaction.